The Art of Manga
Japanese Comics
INTRODUCTION Since the beginning of the 20th century, Japanese comics or Manga are constantly developing and diversifying with regard to subject and technique. Nowadays, 40% of all publications distributed in Japan can be classified as Manga. Furthermore, Japanese comics are even invading the web, and it can be predicted that their unique charm, deriving from a fresh combination of modern art and Japanese tradition, is now going to fascinate western readers. MANGA AND HISTORY First Japanese comics, seen as a suite of pictures and always closely related to a text describing some plot, are dating back to the 12th century. Even today, authors like SUGIURA Hinako and JAMADA Akihiro try to revive daily life in the Edo and Meiji era (1600-1868 and 1868-1912).
MANGA TODAY In the Japanese world of comics, there are all sorts of subjects treated. Such, matters of daily life are vividly described in the Manga series of TSUGE Yoshiharu and OKAZAKI Kyoko. Further series, directed to adolescent boys and girls, are composed by artists like YAMADA Naito. As all kinds of basic problems can be found in modern comics, here another author who is specialized in fear: MIZUKI Shigeru. Wolfgang Wiesner, March 2001 La BD japonaise ou Manga, vue comme une suite d'images et accompagnée d'un texte racontant, a ses commencements dans le 12ième siècle. Au début du 20ième siècle, le développement de la BD a subi une accélération et diversification sans pareil. Aujourd'hui il existe beaucoup de catégories de la Manga quant au sujet traité et à la technique artistique appliquée.

the everyday horror ...

... and the horrible future

	The Manga business even includes
	a multitude of motion pictures.
	Though some Manga series appear
	to meet the bad taste of rather
	primitive consumers, there are
	highly sophisticated movies to
	be found as well.

dreams of the everyday housewife

Sometimes, the girls seem to be more
emancipated than they are in reality !

the strong and the helpless

		Heroes are always cool,
		but sometimes slightly psychoneurotic.

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