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July 16, 2008 : Guantánamo video revealing torture of youth October 15, 2007 : Jimmy Carter revealing torture practice in Guantánamo

Latest news on Sami Al-Hadj (May 2, 2008):
Free at last, Sami Al-Hadjj is being treated in a hospital
where he has met with his wife and his son. AL-JAZEERA said
he hits out at his U.S. captors who held him in custody for 
six years without charge.

وصول سامي الحاج للخرطوم اليوم

Letter from Guantánamo

الرسالة من غوانتانامو Update: October 2007

Why am I being punished ?

لماذا أعاقب ؟

Sami Al-Hadjj, cameraman of Al-Jazeera TV in his letter to a British
friend after four years in U.S. custody without being officially charged.
[ Al-Jazeera, Dec. 17, 2005 ]

The following text has been taken from the Arabic website of Al-Jazeera TV,
Qatar, and translated by Wolfgang Wiesner, editor of BLUEPRINT magazine.

"In his letter, Sami Al-Hadjj questions himself about the reasons of his
arrest [or: deportation] and the reasons of different kinds of punishment
which he and his comrades there [in Guantánamo] cannot accept. Further-
more, he reveals other kinds of torture that he had observed in those U.S.
concentration camps he had been transported to since his arrest, i.e. since
the end of 2001. From the beginning in Bagram [military air] base, followed
by Kandahar prison [both situated in Afghanistan] and finally Guantánamo
prison, the U.S. administrators have always tried to conceal themselves
from him."

وفي رسالته يتساءل سامي الحاج عن سبب اعتقاله، وعن أسباب العقوبات
التي يتعرض لها هو وزملائه المعتقلين هناك، ويكشف صنوفا أخرى من
التعذيب الذي شاهده في المعتقلات الأميركية التي نقل إليها بعد اعتقاله أواخر
عام 2001، بدءا من قاعدة بغرام مرورا بسجن قندهار وانتهاء بسجن
غوانتانامو وانتهاكاته التي تتستر عليها الإدارة الأميركية

لماذا أعاقب؟! هل الذود والدفاع عن الدين جريمة يعاقب عليها السجين؟ وهل
مطالبتنا بإرجاع المصاحف للإدارة الأميركية حتى لا تهان أمام أعيننا جريمة؟

"Why am I being punished ?! Could it be our defense or the defense of
religion that make up a crime for which the prisoner has to be punished ?
And could our demand for the return of Coran copies and for an end
to humiliation in front of our eyes make up such a crime for the U.S.
administration ?! "

لماذا أنا هنا؟ هل ذهابي إلى أفغانستان مدة لا تتجاوز أربعة أسابيع وحملي
لكاميرا الجزيرة إثر الحرب الإرهابية ضد الشعب الأفغاني الأعزل جريمة
أعاقب عليها بالسجن مدة تزيد عن أربع سنوات؟

"Why am I here ? Going to Afghanistan for a time not longer than
four weeks and carrying with me the camera of Al-Jazeera in order
to track the war of terrorism, a war that had been directed against
the defenseless people of Afghanistan; - was that a crime and the
reason why I deserved imprisonment for a duration that is now
exceeding four years ?"

AL-JAZEERA (Oct. 19, 2006) citing the NEW YORK TIMES:
"Nicholas Kristoff, a U.S. journalist writing for the paper
New York Times, expressed his conviction that there are
no solid indications proving that Al-Jazeera's cameraman
Sami Al-Hadjj had committed any crime whatsoever,
with the exception of that one working for Al-Jazeera,
most-hated TV station to U.S. president George Bush."

AL-JAZEERA (Oct. 24, 2007) reporting that one million
signatures have been collected on a list demanding
the liberation of Sami Al-Hadjj from U.S. custody.
News on torture of Guantánamo detainees are available further down !

قال الكاتب الأميركي نيكولاس كريستوف في صحيفة نيويورك تايمز
إنه لا توجد أي أدلة ملموسة على أن المصور الصحفي في قناة الجزيرة
سامي الحاج ارتكب أي جرم باستثناء أنه صحفي يعمل في قناة تلفزيونية
يكرهها الرئيس الأميركي جورج بوش

...... إكمال حملة المليون توقيع للإفراج عن سامي الحاج ......2007


but Allah knows best
what they are hiding

(cited from the Coran)

A similar case, the seizure of the German citizen Al-Masri,
is still being discussed in Germany. Read the latest report
published by the New York Times.

المـحـبـوس الألـمـاني في أفغـانستـان و
سؤاله بسائل ألماني في سجن الأميركي

A report on juveniles held at Guantánamo can be found here.
It has been published on the English website of Al-Jazeera.

الجزيرة نت : اليفعة في غوانتانامو و عذابهم

Cartoon found in the Arabic daily AL-ARAB (London, 15/2/02).
An Islamic world and the Taliban prisoners, held
back on Guantánamo base ..... what will happen ?

The reader of a newspaper dealing with that subject and who
is bearing a strong resemblance with the Egyptien president
Mubarak is asking Uncle Sam [wearing a devilish goatee]:
"Only to think of that group in Guantánamo. How will things develop ?"
Uncle Sam: "Nothing will change. No cloud in sight under a blue sky."

قال بن لادن إنه من بين مئات الأشخاص المعتقلين حاليا في سجن غوانتانامو للاشتباه في ان لهم

صلات بهجمات 11 سبتمبر, فإن اثنين فقط كانا على علم بتلك الهجمات لكنه لم يذكر اسميهما

And Bin Laden said that among hundreds of captives, now held in Guantanamo prison and suspected
of being related to the September 11 attacks, only two had some knowledge of those attacks but he
was still unable to remember their names.

( Cited from a sound record, ascribed to Bin Laden and published by AL-JAZEERA 24/05/2006 )

AL-JAZEERA headline 11/06/2006: البنتاغون يؤكد انتحار ثلاثة بغوانتانامو وبوش يعرب عن القلق
Pentagon confirms the suicide of three Guantanamo inmates while Bush seems worried.

الجيش الأمريكي: الانتحار في جوانتانامو "عمل قتالي"... وقال قائد معسكر جوانتانامو الأدميرال هاري هاريس
إن المعتقلين الثلاثة، وهم يمني وسعوديان، شنقوا أنفسهم باستخدام ملابس وأغطية الفراش - BBC 11/06/2006
U.S. Military: Suicides of Guantanamo should be seen as a “fighting operation"...The director
of Guantanamo camp, Admiral Harry Harris, informed that three prisoners, a Jemenite and
two Saudis, hung themselves with the help of clothes and bedclothes.
[ In a more recent version of the same BBC article, " fighting operation عمل قتالي " has been
replaced by " PR operation
عمل دعائي ". W.W. ]

Ali Shah Moussaoui, a doctor from Afghanistan and 
former Guantánamo detainee, after his release and
surrounded by his family and friends, granting an 
interview to Al-Jazeera TV (Oct. 17, 2006).

By the way, a similar case has been observed in
Germany, where Mourad Kurnaz, a German citizen of
Turkish extraction, had been held in Guantánamo 
for some years, even though U.S. and German au-
thorities seemed to be convinced of his innocence 
at a very early date. Furthermore, Kurnaz claimed 
that German special troops KSK lent a hand in his 
torturing. A parliamentary investigation is now 
under way. 
BLUEPRINT (Oct. 19, 2006) based on German sources.  

الرئيس بوش و تحديده الحقوق الإنسان الّذي يقبل التعذيب

Highlights of Jimmy Carter's statement :

President Bush makes up his own definition of human rights.

U.S. said : Geneva Conventions do not apply to Guantánamo

Presidential candidates of the Republican Party in rush to go to
war with Iran.

Democratic Senators Clinton and Obama criticized for refusing
to set Iraq pullout date.
Breaking News on October 10, 2007

Former President Carter :
" U.S. tortures prisoners "

In an interview with CNN the
2002 Nobel Prize laureate said
"I don't think it. - I know it." (*)
(*) BLUEPRINT background information:
As any former U.S. president, Jimmy Carter is entitled to receive the same daily security briefing as
the active president which is now George Bush junior. Indeed, only a few former presidents made use
of that right, among them George Bush senior who is still playing a decisive role in the weaponry bu-
siness as represented by the Carlyle Group and where he is known to be an influential figure. Seen in
the light of a N.Y. Times article that disclosed the existence of secret Justice Department documents
favoring "harsh interrogation techniques", Carter's reliability thus becomes unquestionable. - W.W.

On Kuwaiti detainees in Guantanamo:

أسماء المساجين في غوانتانامو ..... the most comprehensive detainee list on the web

Please note: This detainee list has been assembled independently and does not consequently correspond to another name list
that has been released by U.S. authorities, in the frame of a lawsuit induced by American Press Agency (AP) in March 2006.
Wolfgang Wiesner