BLUEPRINT - The Universe of Superobama
in a Nutshell

presented by Wolfgang Wiesner

"He's Barack Obama" - His portrait in the frame of a
commercial trailer, published by JibJab Media Inc..

Superobama and Superhillary ("Killary Hinten"),
a perfect team when it comes to fight each other.

A history of the United States in three minutes
(sponsored by the National Rifle Association).

BLUEPRINT الجهاد – إن شإ الله
The Holy War - As Allah's will shall be done !

Here's some real hard stuff: A Mickey Mouse clone
from Hamas explaining the Holy War to Palestinian
children. You better lock away your own kids while
you are watching this video. Who knows, one day
in the near future they might even plan to bomb their
parents out of their blooming minds.

In May 2008, Barack "Obamessiah" was adopted by the Crow nation.
He is therefore entitled to bear the surname of his new family which is
"Black Eagle". Now there are rumours that Hillary Clinton who became
President Obama's secretary of state in 2009 will be adopted as well
by the Crow tribes as "Little Sister Old Crow". Other rumours have it
that Obama's former competitor for presidency, John McCain, is now
seeking for adoption by the Mohican nation.

Superobama (above) and his predecessor
"Stumbling George" Bush (below). Bush
trying to sell "anti-communist" Havana
cigars made in the U.S.A. (Cubavision).

Bush dying of envy while watching the public health system
of Cuba and which is being exported to and appreciated
by all other nations of the new Latin American alliance.

When it comes to attack Iran, the original drawing, once created
by U.S. artist Roy Lichtenstein, has already become outdated :

"And with a shot from my cannon,
I send the infidel back to Allah !"

Click to the above image to discover a
practical study of humanoid behaviour !

And here's the ultimate song in support of Obama,
recorded by the group "Extra Golden" from Kenya
and who once received help from a young Illinois
senator Obama to join a music festival in Chikago.