Mayday 2008

Rich Country – Poor Country

unity, firmness and victory

Havana / Cuba

Hamburg / Germany

				Its not a grey, tired looking mass of North-Koreans, parad-
				ing in front of their "beloved" leader, but a colorful crowd 
				of thousands of Cuban citizens, cheering at the camera on 
				May 1st 2008. Even though, Cuba is facing severe problems 
				and far from being a democratic system, people seem to be 
				somewhat different from such German citizens who are as well 
				taking to the streets on May 1st, but for reasons many Cubans 
				would not understand at all:
				Its either a drastic rise of salaries for some unspectacular 
				workmanship that already seems to be well-paid, while at the 
				same time, lots of well-trained, experienced and highly moti-
				vated elderly unemployed would be glad to get their hands on 
				such jobs under the old conditions.
				Or its the fast decline of social standards that turns people 
				from well-to-do citizens into subjects vegetating on an income 
				from two or three low-level jobs, without any chance to get
				one of those secure full-time jobs that helped their parents, 
				most of them simple workers and small employees, to become 
				rich pensioners.

				Yet, there is another aspect, making this unbalanced situation 
				even worse: While fully trained young specialists are leaving 
				their German universities, unable to find an adequate job and 
				with some of them ending as captives of the rigid social welfare 
				system HARTZ IV, young "proletarians" of either the rightist or 
				leftist brand are taking to the streets in order to fight a so- 
				ciety that brought them into being, without neither education, 
				nor motivation nor professional training, but full of hatred and 

				Which then is really a poor country, Cuba or Germany ? That country 
				which is training and sending abroad an "army" of teachers and high-
				ly skilled doctors in exchange for oil and industrial support, or 
				that country which is sending away its soldiers for lack of teachers 
				and in order to participate in a questionable race for political and
				economic influence ?