El Niño and the Global Climate

The meteorological phenomenon "El Niño", that has already caused severe damage in Asia and South America during the past years, is now going to pose a threat to the heart of Europe. While China's flood disaster in 1998 left more than 4.000 dead in the Yangtse area, a drought in Southern China reduced the harvest to 25% of its average value. A similar disaster emerged in parts of Corea at the same time. This year, however, only slightly more than 100 people perished in the southern part of China, while 700 people died in India and Bangladesh. German and other European citizens, who drowned in the floods of river Elbe, contributed about 70 victims to the global death rate. And there seems to be no end in a development that has always been related to an overheating of the atmosphere, caused by a steadily increas- ing emission of carbon dioxide as a result of combustion. Global warming simulation as a function of increased emission of carbon dioxide [Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin., Princeton, NJ, U.S.A.]. 1 F = 0,56 C

Important Links:

Germany - situation in Saxony: emergency website of Dresden the flood in Saxony (by FAZ) Germany - general situation: comment by FAZ / Frankfurt For German citizens abroad: list of German missions (Auswaertiges Amt) site maintained by German embassy in London The flood in China and Germany: site maintained by Deutsche Welle The flood in China: site maintained by BBC London

The meteorological phenomenon
El Niño still causes abnormal
changes to the global climate
[Another headline cited from
"The Epoch Times", a Chinese
daily published in Germany].

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