Chasing the Tiger

  	Referring to Chinese papers, the
  	Hainan incident cannot be seen
  	any longer as an isolated fact.
  	On the contrary, there are some
  	indications of an U.S. strategy
  	directed at a constant survey
  	of Chinese military activities.
  	Earlier reports on the so-called
  	B-2 incident already confirmed
  	that U.S. authorities, involved
  	in that rather plump intrusion,
  	are obviously unwilling to stop
  	their activities. While the White
  	House is insisting on a survey
  	of such "questionable countries",
  	suspected of developing means of
  	mass extermination, the Chinese,
  	both government and the people,
  	are getting more and more angry.
  	Some recently published articles
  	on that subject should therefore
  	be seen rather as a manifestation
  	of growing anger and embarrassment 
  	among the Chinese people than as
  	the calculated response triggered
  	by some Communist propaganda unit.
  	In a time when old alliances are
  	falling apart and when another
  	distribution of global resources
  	needs to be achieved, it might be
  	dangerous to tease the watchful
  	dragon. He could become furious
  	and chase the presumptuous tiger,		
  	together with the chimpanzee who	
  	rides him, to where they belong.
  		  W. Wiesner, April 2001	

October 2001: 
Don't miss that lesson of all-in wrestling !

The ultimate fight between "the good and the evil", 
now daily on TV. Another costly series production, 
starring two of the most notorious champions:
George Walker Bin Bush ("Son of a Snake") and his
challenger Ussama Bin Ladin ("Prince of Al-Kaida"),
backed up by genuine Afghans in many walk-on parts. 

note:	The "Son of a Snake" is a honorary title,
	conferred on Bush by Saddam Bin Hussein.


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