A Story of Al-Qaeda


1. On Al-Qaeda and Friends

Some words remain to be added about a phenomenon we usually call AL-QAEDA. It seems to be a nickname for any Muslimic group, anywhere in the world, that is not in favour of U.S. politics. As there are many groups of that kind, only linked by a common philosophy and a similar point of view, it seems to be difficult for single-minded politicians and badly informed state security in western countries to get control of such "network of terrorism". Unable to draw a distinguishing line between the remainings of former Taliban state security, now hidden among deactivated soldiers from Afghanistan, and those active terrorists who performed the Karachi bombing under their pseudonym of AL-KANUN, western authorities are inclin- ed to see terrorists anywhere. Such, the question remains to be answered whom they are searching for. When western media distributed the "breaking news" on the capture of "two leaders of AL-QAEDA", I remembered daily headlines in the Palestinian paper ALQUDS-AL-ARABI (18/06/2002) that informed about some individuals having been arrested by Moroccan forces, suspected of planning terrorist attacks on British and U.S. ships "on behalf of AL-QAEDA". At the same time, the Saudian journal ASHARQ-AL-AWSAT (17/06/2002) told us about another suspect who should have launched a rocket at a U.S. plane. As that man has been detected in Sudan, a country not linked to the western alliance against terrorism, his transfer to the U.S.A. could be somewhat difficult, though there are negotiations between the Sudanese government and a Saudi-Arabian mediator. Last but not least, Saudi-Arabian authorities announced they had recently arrested seven members of Al-Qaeda network on suspicion of planning "terrorist" attacks on vital targets in the kingdom (ARAB NEWS, 22/06/2002). Even though Moroccan authorities succeeded in getting their hands on two high-ranking members of Al-Qaeda, the "alliance against terrorism" is far from prevailing, and there has been further bombing in Pakistan and Saudi- Arabia. To get this development under control, we should not stick to the question: Which of those terrorists is the "genuine Al-Qaeda guy" ? Instead we should ask ourselves: Why do all of those Muslims attack our western civilization ! As to Oussama Bin Laden, nobody even knows for sure if he is dead or not. Obviously it is not so easy to hit a single man in the Afghan mountains by U.S. "armchair" bombing. According to the Palestinian journal cited, it cannot be excluded that he is still alive and enjoying western confusion. Latest news from AL-JAZEERA (23/06/2002) seem to confirm that Bin Laden managed to escape from U.S. bombs and is now peparing his bloody comeback. Though president Bush would like to see him dead prior to next September 11 (ASHARQ AL-AWSAT, 26/06/2002), it seems to be a "mission impossible" for western intelligence to detect him, even though there are rumours he might never have left the Central Asian region (U.S. magazine TIME, 01/07/2002). As to Bin Laden's predicted wealth, "indispensable" for the fueling of terrorism, it should be remarked that any sum exceeding some 10.000 $, when intelligently spared, could be sufficient to upset western nations in further attacks. The real danger for the western hemisphere, however, seems to be the "chase for terrorism" itself and its tendency to abandon basic principles of democracy, justice and tolerance in favour of short- lived reports of success. That tendency is what we really have to fear. Recent reports on dangerous internet activities of Al-Qaeda, destined to assault dams and dikes, power stations and telephone centers in different countries (namely India, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia), might frighten most people [sources: ASHARQ AL-AWSAT (28/06/2002), PEOPLE'S DAILY - Chinese edition (28/06/2002) and WASHINGTON POST (27/06/2002)]. Nevertheless, it should be recognized that the real problem lies in an underestimation of the intrinsic dangers of such possible targets, not in the world wide web itself ! Some dictatorial governments, known to maintain electronic "dikes" that are isolating their national webs, or the more paranoid conservatives of some western democracies are always ready to applaud when it comes to an increased control of the internet and severe punishment of supposed "web criminals". We, therefore, should accept that a tight grip on the world wide web will reduce democracy and impede valuable information from being spread to those who need it, without being able to fight terrorist activity on a large scale.

2. The Suite of Events

From the beginning of my research in December 2001 I have collected most important news on Bin Laden and the political environment that made him. Using Arabic sources like Al-JAZEERA from Qatar, ASHARQ-AL-AWSAT and their English offspring ARAB NEWS from Saudi-Arabia, ALQUDS AL-ARABI, the voice of Palestine, and AL-HYAT, I could provide valuable information on the pro- ceedings of Bin Laden and his organisation Al-Qaeda. Additional information and comments from western publications like L'EXPRESS (Paris), EL PAIS and CAMBIO 16 (Madrid), RENMIN RIBAO (Peking), NEW YORK TIMES and WASHINGTON POST shaped the image of a global development I am trying to communicate via my own magazine BLUEPRINT - News and Comments. By the way, I gave it up to argue about the accurate writing of Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. As everybody is choosing his favourite vocalization, I decided to rely on accurate information rather than accurate writing of names. Wolfgang Wiesner

Anti-Americanism and Muslim Uprise

"Colin Powell is coming to visit Pakistan
to sprinkle salt on the wounds of Muslims.
The nation will not tolerate his unholy steps
on the soil of Pakistan."

Islamic groups in Pakistan cited by BBC London (15/10/01),
on the coming visit of U.S. secretary of state Colin Powell to
boost the alliance against terrorism.

xxxanti-American riots
xxxin a Pakistani town

AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (24/04/2002):
Anti-American demonstrations in Djakarta expressing the
wish of the world's most numerous Muslim nation to cut
all links between Indonesia and the United States.

ASHARQ AL-AWSAT, Riyadh (20/04/2002):
Four persons wounded in the frame of anti-American
manifestations and actions of emotion in a Jordanian
camp, and during a public congress held in al-Azhar

Al-JAZEERA, Qatar (26/04/2002):
Bagdad forces its merchants to study general
Islamic law ("fiqh") when handling affairs.

AL-HYAT, London (8/05/2002):
Pakistani theologues stand for a confrontation with the U.S.

AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (7/05/2002):
Two Kurdish organizations in northern Iraq announced their
future cooperation in military actions, carried out on behalf
of the Islamic community.

ARAB NEWS, Riyadh (17/07/2002):
Indian Deputy Prime Minister Advani wants international
community to declare U.S. ally Pakistan a terrorist state if
it fails to wind up training camps for militant Muslims.

ASHARQ AL-AWSAT, Riyadh (19/07/2002):
Malaysian prime minister Mahmod Mahadir declares:
An U.S. attack on Iraq will provoke Muslims all over
the world. [Malysia is a multiethnic Islamic nation.]

DAWN, Pakistan (29/08/02):
TEHRAN: The fizzy Iranian soft drink "Zam Zam Cola"
could quench the thirst of the two million Muslim faith-
ful expected next February on their annual pilgrimage to
Makkah, following a Saudi boycott of US cola giants
Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola.

LIBÉRATION, Morocco (27/10/02):
The Moroccan daily is raising the question why so
many Moroccan citizens are participating in the net-
work of Muslimic terrorism.

The Jihad [holy fighting in Allah's Cause] is ordained
for you [Muslims] though you dislike it, and it may be
that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that
you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but
you do not know.

( Sura 2 / 216 from the Holy Koran )

And they are cursed. Wherever they are found, each
of them should be taken by force and tried to death.

( Sura 33 "on alliances" / 61 from the Holy Koran )

Polling of AL-JAZEERA ( 2-4 April 2002 ) :

What kind of measures could be a most efficient
support for the Palestinian Intifada of our days ?

the declaration of a Holy War ..... 50%

the application of petrol as a weapon ..... 19.2%

the opening of borders [which would enable
all pro-Palestine volunteers to enter Jordan
and other neighbouring countries] ..... 18.7%

an economic embargo [hitting their enemies] ..... 11.3%

no idea ..... 0.8%

And you enjoin Al-Birr [piety, righteousness and
each and every act of obedience to Allah] on the
people and then forget to practise it yourselves,
while you recite the Scripture [Taurat (Torah)]!
Have you then no sense?

(Sura 2 / 44 dedicated to the Jews, from the Holy Koran)

Polling of AL-JAZEERA ( 18-21 April 2002 ) :

Are you in favor of a persistent blooming of the religious
party (Hizbollah)
and their military actions against Israel,
even though they lacked success in the first round ?

yes ..... 91.1%

no ..... 7.6%

no idea ..... 1.3%

the leader of

a letter from
Bin Laden ?

Anti-U.S. sentiments in certain Muslim countries
according to a study carried out by the U.S.-based
Pew Research Center. The survey was headed by
former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.
[BBC NEWS, London (05/12/02)]

The special situation in Uzbekistan can be related
to the country's economic dependency from military
bases used by western armed forces in the frame of
the Afghanistan conflict. [BLUEPRINT comment]

BABIL ONLINE, Iraq (04/01/03):
"Bush declares:
There were even more villains in Europe in the year 2002.
The leader of Al-Qaeda organisation, Oussama Ben Laden,
already appears in the European mass medias as the man of
the year 2001."

News from Al-Qaeda and Friends

=> => => Click here and read
citations of Bin Laden from his
programmatic video, released
by AL-JAZEERA (27/12/01).

AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (02/02/2002):
Pakistani police searching the cemeteries of Karachi for
the remainings of an U.S. "reporter" who disappeared
while making inquiries on the background of a terrorist,
accused of having planned to blow an U.S. plane with
explosives carried on board in his shoes.
[That U.S. "correspondent" was found dead some weeks
later. GERMAN NATIONAL TV (15/07/2002) reported
about the trial of his killers.]

ASHARQ AL-AWSAT, Riyadh (08/03/2002):
Eminence Bin Abad Al-Asiis, Saudi-Arabian
minister of the interior, warning of Al-Qaeda
members using false passports.

ASHARQ AL-AWSAT, Riyadh (13/05/2002):
"Friends of Al-Qaeda" are preparing an assault
on the residency of the Yemenite prime minister.

AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (23/05/2002):
Lebanon denying U.S. report on a conference between
the [Palestinian religious party] Hizbollah and leaders
of Al-Qaeda, presided by Oussama Bin Laden. Their
meeting should have taken place last March in Lebanon
in order to coordinate further attacks. Both, Hizbollah
and the Lebanese government disclaim any knowledge.

AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (29/05/2002):
U.S. chase of the organized remains of Al-Qaeda and Taliban
drives enemy into Kashmir from where problems are expected.

ALQUDS-AL-ARABI (the Palestinian daily, 18/06/2002):
- Second rang Al-Qaeda members are forming alliances in
x order to hit U.S. targets.
- Rumours are spread of a recent interview with Bin Laden.
- Moroccan forces arrested individuals suspected of being
x related with Al-Qaeda.

=> => => Refer to AL-HYAT for additional information !

AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (14/06/2002 - 10:30 h GMT, 15/06/2002):
Report from their correspondent in Pakistan: About 10 persons
killed and many wounded in a bombing that affected the U.S.A.
consulate in Karachi. A car loaded with explosives caused much
damage to the consulate building, shortly after U.S. secretary of
state Donald Rumsfeld ended his talks with Islamabad. Unknown
Islamic group AL-KANUN confessing the deed.

ASHARQ-AL-AWSAT (17/06/2002):
Another suspect who should have launched a rocket at an U.S.
plane is held up in Sudan. As that country is not linked to the
western alliance against terrorism, his transfer to the U.S.A.
could be difficult, though there are negotiations between the
Sudanese government and a Saudi-Arabian mediator.

ARAB NEWS, Riyadh (22/06/2002):
Saudi-Arabian authorities announced that they had recently
arrested seven members of Al-Qaeda network on suspicion
of planning "terrorist" attacks on vital targets in the kingdom.

AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (23/06/2002):
Suleiman Abu Reith, the speaker of Al-Qaeda,
announces Oussama Bin Laden being in good
health. Claiming responsibility for the Djerba
incident, earlier that year, he states the intention
of Al-Qaeda to support the Palestinian cause in
that bombing of a Tunisian synagogue. Citation:
"... as it is raising enthusiasm and the spirit of war in oneself,
when it starts with a specifically succesful operation like this."

Another citation from the statement of Suleiman Abu Reith:
"I'm able to tell you that 98% of the leadership of Al-Qaeda
organisation are still intact and are perfectly handling their

ASHARQ AL-AWSAT, Riyadh (26/06/2002):
The U.S. magazine TIME is cited that U.S. president Bush
would like to see Bin Laden dead prior to next Sept. 11.

TIME magazine, U.S.A. (01/07/2002):
It seems to be a "mission impossible" for western intelligence
to detect Bin Laden, even though there are rumours he might
never have left the Central Asian region.

ASHARQ AL-AWSAT, Riyadh (28/06/2002):
Suspicious internet visits in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan are
raising U.S. fears for Al-Qaeda plannings of an assault on
dams or dikes, power stations and telephone centres.

AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (09/07/2002):
Philippine police arrested a Muslim citizen suspected of
buying explosives in order to support Al-Qaeda during a
phase of reconstruction.

ARAB NEWS, Riyadh (17/07/2002):
Pakistani police and secret service obviously involved in
some anti-American actions. Parts of them are suspected
of supporting Al-Qaeda, even in the projected killing of
Pakistan's President Musharaff.

- Pakistan's President Musharaff declares that there is
no definite proof of Bin Laden being alive. (01/07/02)
- Pakistan's president Musharaff admits that Al-Qaeda
warriors are still infiltrating Pakistan. (05/09/02)

AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (06/10/2002):
A new acoustic message from Oussama Bin Laden
is threatening America with further attacks directed
against their economy, as long as the U.S. are con-
tinuing to oppress Islamic nations
and are behaving
hostile to them.

ALQUDS AL-ARABI, Palestine / London (09/10/02):
"Two Kuwaiti followers of Oussama Bin Laden killed
Americans in the preliminary stages of an assault on
Iraq." [main page headline]
The incident happened on the Kuwaiti island Fayalka.
ASHARQ AL-AWSAT, Riyadh (19/10/02):
Al-Qaeda says America is hiding severe losses in the
Fayalka incident. - Politicians and intellectuals are
cited that Kuwait might become another Afghanistan
en miniature.
AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (03/11/02):
Another shooting in Kuwait targeting U.S. troops. It
is the fourth incident of that kind.

ARAB NEWS, Riyadh and western sources (14/10/02):
Explosion of two massive car bombs on the Indonesian
island of Bali, killing more than 180 people and wound-
ing almost 300 others, most of them western visitors of
a night club. Up to now, it remains unclear who was in
charge of that bombing: Al-Qaeda or a militant Islamic
group, already known to the Indonesian authorities.
ARAB NEWS, usually not in favor of recent western
activities in Asia, has called that bombing an "inhuman
crime". In an editorial they express their doubt that in-
cidents like that might ever serve the just cause of any
Muslimic community.

ALQUDS AL-ARABI, Palestine / London (04/11/02):
The Iranian government has confirmed the arrestment of
one of Bin Laden's sons. According to an official report,
released yesterday, Bin Laden's son has already been
handed over to Pakistani authorities. => => => => => =>
According to German National TV and other sources, who
published their news one week later, the U.S. claimed to
have "captured Bin Laden's son". The "important member
of Al-Qaeda" should have been "arrested abroad".

ASHARQ AL-AWSAT, Riyadh (03/12/02):
Three persons are charged before a Lebanese court
for having acted on behalf of Al-Qaeda organisation.

AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (15/12/02):
A Lybian and a Jordanian citizen have been arrested
in Jordan for having killed U.S. diplomate Laurence
Foley earlier that year.
The arrestment of both killers,
related to Al-Qaeda, has been
confirmed by the Chinese daily
XING DAO in their European
edition of 16/12/02.

AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (21/12/02):
Headline: "Five Yemenite soldiers killed
or wounded in a shooting with Al-Qaeda."
An officer and a soldier were killed and three others
wounded while trying to arrest the Yeminite citizen
Shakar Bin Hamal and further armed men, equally
hunted for being members of Al-Qaeda. During that
difficult hunt, Bin Hamal's friend was captured but
the main suspect fled with his men. The incident
took place on Friday 20 near the town of Mukalla
(district of Hadramaut in southern Yemen). Local
authorities are convinced that these armed men are
involved in the attack of a French tanker ("Limburg
incident") which took place at the beginning of last
October. The tanker was able to transport 400 000
tons of crude oil, parts of which leaked into the sea.
In the frame of the "Limburg" attack another incident
should not be overlooked: In 2000, the U.S. destroyer
"Cole" was blasted by Al-Qaeda in the Yemenite port
of Aden. 17 U.S. marines were killed on the spot.

L'EXPRESS, Paris (27,28,30/12/02):
Since last November, French security forces have
arrested nine individuals charged with terroristic
activity in an organisation of fundamental Muslims.
All of them are of Algerian origin. One of them is
the brother of Mourad Ben Chelali, a follower of
Al-Qaeda and now arrested in Guantanamo. Others
belong to a group that is accused of having prepared
an assault in the French town of Strasbourg. Some of
the arrestees are known for their support of Muslim
rebels in Chechenia
. As explosives and other related
materials were found in their Paris flats, they are sus-
pected of having prepared an assault on the Russian
embassy in France. – At the same time, the seat of
the provisional government in Groznyy / Chechenia
has been entirely blasted by their comrades [diffe-
rent western media]. – Finally, a trusted worker of the
luggage department at Paris airport (Roissy) has been
caught red-handed with an explosive ready to use.
Though all persons arrested are of Algerian origin,
their nationality has not been revealed in all cases.

AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (30,31/12/02)
and BBC NEWS, London (30/12/02):
– Another assault on U.S. citizens in Yemen –
Three U.S. citizens were killed in a frenzy, when
a fanaticized Muslim entered the hospital of Jibla,
which is under the direction of U.S. missionaries.
Ali Abdulrazzak al-Kamel, who committed the deed,
was arrested soon afterwards. He insisted on having
carried out that attack to "cleanse his religion and
get closer to Allah". Kamel is a student at Yemen's
al-Iman university which was briefly closed last year
after allegations that it was a hotbed of Islamic mili-
tancy. A direct link with Al-Qaeda organisation has
not been detected up to now.

BBC NEWS, London (15/01/03):
A police officer has been stabbed to death in Manchester
during a counter-terrorism operation which was part of a
much wider international crackdown on North African ter-
rorism. British police were acting on a tip-off when they
searched a flat in Manchester where a group of Algerians
was suspected of planning an assault using ricine, a dead-
ly poison made from castor beans.

BAVARIA 5, local German radio station (25/01/03):
According to the Federal Minister of the Interior, four
groups of Al-Qaeda fighters, each comprising five in-
dividuals, should be entering Europe (France, Britain,
Germany and Czechoslovakia).

SUNDAY TIMES, London (09/03/03):
"US fights to stop Bin Laden plot to paralyse Afghanistan"
American forces are racing to foil a plot by Oussama Bin
Laden to destabilise Afghanistan with an operation plann-
ed to coincide with a US attack on Iraq. The interrogation
of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the Al-Qaeda operations
chief who was captured a week ago, confirmed American
and Afghan intelligence that Bin Laden has teamed up with
one of Afghanistan's most notorious warlords, Gulbuddin
. FBI agents and special forces are currently
scouring the villages of South Waziristan, a remote region
between Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the two fugitives
are believed to have been planning the attack. They have al-
so moved to block the port of Gwadr on Pakistan's Arabian
coast and seal off the Iranian border to prevent the terrorists

[According to German radio news (15/03/03), another leader
of Al-Qaeda should have been arrested in the Pakistani town
of Lahore.]

Polling of AL-JAZEERA ( 18-21 May 2002 ) :

Are there any commercial means of protection, to be
imposed by Washington on its partners, that are able
to reject the consequences of "September attacks" for
U.S. economy ?

yes 67.7%

no 22.9%

no idea 9.4%

AL-HAYAT (03/07/2002):

Three persons arrested by Moroccan security forces
turned out to be related with Al-Qaeda. One of them
(red marked on the above photo), was identified as
Sahir Hilal Al-Thabiti, leading member of Oussama
Bin Laden's organisation. A short description of his
latest proceedings that led him from Afghanistan to
Morocco has been given by Al-Hayat in a special
report on Al-Qaeda. All three accused Arabs are
depicted in that article, based on their confessions
and further investigations :

"When it comes to accusation, Sahir Hilal Al-Thabiti
is seen hand in hand with the leader of Al-Qaeda, Bin
Laden." ......

"The leader of Al-Qaeda made known that, under
such circumstances, a waiting period of one month
would be appropriate and that orders would reach
the "Master of the Just", responsible of security, or
Abu Mahmud Al-Masri. And the accused one, Hilal
Jabar Awad Al-Assiri
(yellow marked on the above
photo), deliberately agreed to care for the formation
in an Afghan camp under a Syrian responsible called
Assad. And he proved his [adopted] name "Father of
the refugees" when killing during U.S. incursions in
Afghanistan." ......

"As investigations additionally revealed, Oussama
Bin Laden visited that camp alt least three times, sug-
gesting discussions on a "Holy War against America
and how to kill the infidels". Meanwhile, the idea
of attacking ships that pass the Strait of Gibraltar
began to crystallize after the events of 11 September
2001, yet it was abandoned. Nonetheless, their entire
move from Afghanistan was realized after the attack
on America. After having passed some (...) town, they
directed themselves to Lahore [Pakistan] and finally
turned to Karachi. There they met with Al-Madau
Abad-Allah Al-Ramadi
(in the middle of the above
photo), who had fought side by side with the Taliban."

In addition to the abandoned plan of attacking U.S.
and British ships in the Strait of Gibraltar, there are
further projects of Al-Qaeda dicussed by Al-Hyat :
- The elimination of Mazoud and Dostum, two leaders
x of the Northern Alliance that supported U.S. troops.
- An assault on General Musharaff, head of Pakistan's
x military government.

............ six months later .............

AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (25/01/2003):

Headline: "Reopening of proceedings in Morocco
xxxxxxxxxagainst supposed members of Al-Qaeda"

As to the counsel for the defence of such accused that
are not related to any cell of Al-Qaeda, there is hope
again. Having their matter already abandoned before
the court of appeal, they can now count on a replace-
ment of the presiding judge who has been rejected for
having endangered lawful proceedings.

Oussama Bin Laden promises a
blow at the heart of America

Headline of Al-Hyat on 3 July 2002

Polling of AL-JAZEERA ( 12-15 June 2002 ) :

Do you believe in an U.S. report dealing with the matter
of a terrorist being accused to plan the detonation of a
radioactive ("dirty") bomb in the Washington area ?

yes ..... 7.1%

no ..... 89.1%

no idea ..... 3.8%

another model terrorist who
specialized in "dirty" bombs

Para muchos musulmanes [ en España ], el 11
de septiembre es una conjura de la CIA, ... del
complejo militar-industrial que gobierna [los]
Estados Unidos.

EL PAIS Semanal, Madrid (14/07/2002)
"La España que mira a La Meca"

For many Muslims [in Spain], the incidents of 11
September are a conspiracy of the CIA, ... of that
military / industrial complex by which the United
States are being governed.

Selected Polling Results by AL-JAZEERA

24-27 June 2002, 16.387 participants :

Do you consider the Al-Qaeda organisation being
able to realize further attacks against America ?

yes ..... 72.1%

no ..... 21.2%

no idea ..... 6.7%

The French tanker "Limburg" after
an assault of Al-Qaeda warriors
(Southern Yemen, October 2002).

14-17 November 2002, 40.163 participants :

After Bin Laden's latest recording, do you consider
[his] organization of Al-Qaeda still being able to
launch further attacks ?

yes ..... 79.5%

no ..... 15.3%

no idea ..... 5.2%

L'EXPRESS, Paris (19/09/2002):

Ben Laden, does he really own a carrying case that
contains a small nuclear weapon ?
In an interview
with Pakistani journalist Mir, held last November,
Ben Laden confirmed that question, and his deputy,
Ayman Zawahiri, added that there is nothing easier
but to buy three cases in Central Asia for those who
can afford 30 millions of dollars. Suitcase bombs are
known to be sold by the Russian Mafia who got their
hands on Soviet nuclear arms.

" ... Journaliste au Pakistan, H. Mir a rencontré Ben
Laden dans son repaire afghan en novembre 2001.
Le chef terroriste lui avoue être en possession d'un
de ces colis piégés. «Après l'entretien, raconte-t-il,
j'ai demandé à Ayman Zawahiri, bras droit de Ben
Laden, comment il s'était procuré l'engin. Voici sa
réponse: “Monsieur Mir, avec 30 millions de dollars,
vous pourriez, vous aussi, acheter trois valises en
Asie centrale.”» ......... "

the mininuke in
a carrying case
U.S. made type

L'EXPRESS, Paris, published the
following articles on Al-Qaeda:

· Summary and evaluation of Muslimic terrorism
since 11 September 2001
: "la guerre planétaire".
published on 17 October 2002.

· On the arrestment of French citizens in the frame of
Muslimic terrorism some articles have been published
on 27/ 28 / 30 December 2002. – This is very latest
information on the activity of Chechenic Muslim rebels
in France
As the Chechenic mafia is known to control the market
of illegal weaponry sales in Central Asia, it could be
them who provide nuclear arms to Al-Qaeda [refer to
L'EXPRESS => above cited French article, 19/09/02].

BLUEPRINT a préparé une page en langue Française
qui donne de l'information additionnelle sur le sujet
de Al-Qaeda.

CREADERS.NET, Chinese online news,
lately offered the following information:

U.S. secretary of state for public health says:
A terrorist surprise attack with biological or
chemical weapons cannot be avoided.

Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan possibly succeeded
in manufacturing "dirty bombs" [i.e. bombs
containing radioactive material].

Peking based research group fears: Another
round of terrorist attacks could affect China.

One of Bin Laden's sons gets married to a Saudi
Arabian woman. The celebrations take place in
the bridegroom's home in Jidda, Saudi Arabia.

Links and further news can be obtained from the
Chinese language site of BLUEPRINT magazine.

But the infidels don't cease to doubt it,
until the hour suddenly comes upon them
or the punishment of a disastrous day.

( Sura 22 / 55 from the Holy Koran )

AL-JAZEERA 14/05/2003:
34 people died, including seven U.S. citizens, and 190 remained
wounded, when a group of 9 terrorists carried out suicide bomb-
ings and opened fire on foreigners in Ryadh, the capital of Saudi
According to ARAB NEWS (19/05/2003), that cited the Saudi
interior minister, Prince Naif, five terrorists could be identified.
Three of them were already known as members of an Al-Qaeda
cell in Ryadh and had been on the run following a raid on that
cell on May 6, when all 19 of its members, including 17 Saudis,
managed to escape. Four members of the Al-Qaeda cell could
now be arrested. They are considered to have had knowledge
about the recent attack in advance, yet without participating in
the Ryadh operation themselves. Prince Naif told the press that
there was no information regarding Saif Al-Adel, an Egyptian
reported by the Washington Post to be the mastermind behind
the Riyadh bombings. "The American authorities have to ac-
knowledge this. We have not received anything that confirms
or denies the matter," he said.

AL-JAZEERA 18/05/2003:
About 44 people are expected to have died in suicide attacks
of terrorists, related with Al-Qaeda, in the Moroccan capital
of Rabat. Most victims are considered to be Moroccan citizens.

AL-JAZEERA 22/05/2003:
Today, Al-Jazeera released a tape record, reportedly originating
from Aiman Aldhuahari, a leading member of Al-Qaeda organi-
sation and close follower of Oussama Bin Laden.
For more information look to the right column ! => => => =>

An external website, reputed to be anti Al-Qaeda,
says that during the Manchester incident in January
2003 an important document should have been found:

The Al-Qaeda Manual

Believe it or not, – its interesting stuff to read in a
stormy night and in the light of a flickering candle,
supported by unexpected lightning.

After some months of virtual inactivity, Al-Qaeda
is supposed to have been crippled by an U.S. "fight
against terrorism", – at least from the point of view
that shows up in WASHINGTON POST who then
launched the following article on 6/05/2003:

Spy Agencies' Optimism On Al Qaeda Is Growing

Lack of Attacks Thought to Show
Group Is Nearly Crippled

" The failure of al Qaeda to launch terrorist attacks
against the United States or its allies during the war
in Iraq has bolstered a growing belief among U.S.
intelligence agencies that 19 months of worldwide
counterterrorism operations and arrests have nearly
crippled the organization ... " [excerpt from original]

In his tape record, Aiman Al-Sawahiri is challenging
the Muslims to chase away all "criminals" from the
Middle East. Embassies should be attacked and eco-
nomic interests should be wrecked, regarding the U.S.,
Britain, Australia and [most surprisingly] Norway.
It is estimated that Al-Qaeda, under the guidance of
Oussama Bin Laden, is responsible for the last attacks
in Saudi Arabia and Morocco where they supported
some tens of Muslim warriors.

As to President Bush`s evaluation of terrorism,
there is a summary of characteristic comments,
published on May 26, 2003, by TIME magazine :

Please note:
Facts and comments on Islamic terror in postwar Iraq
can be found on a brand-new site : Independence Day

The Prophet of Muslimic Terrorism Showing up Again (13/11/02)

It was on November 12 that AL-JAZEERA TV in Qatar transmitted another tape recording of Al-Qaeda origin
in their evening programme. Oussama Bin Laden's voice can be heard, expressing his delight at recent incidents
that are usually related to Muslimic terrorism. If that recording proves to be genuine, it will support widespread
beliefs in the Arabic world that Bin Ladin is still alive. Here some excerpts from the printed version in Arabic,
published by AL-JAZEERA in their online edition on Wednesday, November 13, 2002:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

".... As if there had not been all over the world and in the aftermath of the September 11 incidents, the killing of
Germans in Tunisia [
i.e. the Djerba bombing] and of French citizens in Karachi [Pakistan], the attack on a huge
French] "cargo ship" in Jemen and the killing of U.S. marines on Fayalka island [Kuwait], the massacre among
British and Austalian citizens in Bali [
Indonesia] and the Moscow incident [that had been staged by Chechenic
Muslims], together with certain sporadic operations here and there. – All of them are nothing else but a retali-
ation and have to be seen in relation with an adage that is not questioned by Muslims all over the world. ........"

Furthermore, Bin Laden praises "the children of Islam who are fiercely defending their religion and the joy at
all affairs dedicated to their Master and their Prophet, aim of their prayer and source of salvation."
He says:
"Isn't it that U.S. president George Bush, while presenting himself as the pharaoh of his epoch, has engaged
in the killing of our descendants, and that Israel, America's ally, has engaged in the bombing of Palestinian
dwellings, inhabited by elderly people [
or: notables !], women and children, simultaneously making use of
U.S. aircraft: Activities that are remunerated by the more intelligent of your leaders who are now tearing off
the [
bloody] ribbon of their culpability."xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

And it is indicated by the leader of Al-Qaeda that "we should not oppose the Palestine people, to whom we
established relations a long time ago"
. Then he continues: "We, therefore, have to avoid that our relatives in
Palestine are [
entertaining] the world and are collaborating with anti-Islamists in the so-called fight against
terrorism which is based on errors and lies."xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

All governments allied with the United States should know that they are dealing with the "worst killers" in
the world. And [Bin Laden] describes the U.S. Secretary of Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, as the butcher of
, the place where more than one million people were killed, [not to mention] the wounded. Then,
he refers to the Muslims who died in Iraq at the hand of American [soldiers].xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

In his [message], directed to what he calls the nations of those countries allied with the U.S., he mentions
the danger [risk] of that alliance. As to the operations that included the killing of [certain foreign] citizens
within their own countries, [Bin Laden argues that] this would not have happened if [such nations] had re-
jected any activity in that alliance formed between their governments and the U.S.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Another tape from Bin Laden (11/02/2003)
on the culmination point of the Iraqi crisis

During the weeks of nervous negotiations between the U.S. and those countries regarded as their long-standing
allies, Oussama Bin Laden is heating the public discussion on Iraq. Lets read what he should have said accord-
ing to an Arabic transcript, first published by AL-JAZEERA on 11/02/2003. Another version, printed in Arabic
and distributed by AL-ARAB in London on 13/02/2003, served as a reference for my translation as the original
"letter" from Bin Laden is only available as an audio document (typical phrases selected from the complete text):

The United States are proceeding from their occupation of Iraq to further aims that are not yet mentioned,
demonstrating the same persistence as the Zionists do when they implant their country of a Greater Israel.

On terrorism associated with Iraq:

The accusation of Iraq in front of the Security Council on 5 February goes together with a construction of
relations with Al-Qaeda organization. But there won't be any provision of Baghdad with further power.
Such relation will (only) be certain, one time again, at the very moment it is made known by the original
text of a record.

"They are hiding their intention to direct themselves, once again, against the citizens of Iraq when discussing
their fight and by the way they calculate the price that has to be paid because of such association with Iraq."

"The connection made between terrorists and those countries developing weapons of mass destruction will
not reinforce (their politics) of looking away (from reality) and of unpolite treatment (of their opponents)."

Three crucial points to be observed:

1) A loyal position and the will to carry the war on behalf of Allah to its limit.

2) The importance to remember that support will come from the side of Allah.

3) The importance to reject any seduction that derives from U.S. warfare and
that is based on psychology and disinformation.

The German government rejects the idea of
any connection between Iraq and Al-Qaeda.

Bin Laden: Everybody supporting the U.S. against Iraq,
and if it were only in his speech, should be considered a
renegade who has alienated himself from Islamic belief.

Headlines from AL-ARAB, London 13/02/2003 (neighbouring image).

The Chinese news agency XINHUA, Peking 12/02/03, deals with
different ways to interpret the words of Bin Laden. While the U.S.
insist on the tape proving a connection between Iraq and Al-Qaeda,
" .... some experts expressed doubts over the Bush administration's
claim that the tape vindicates its argument about the nexus betwen
Iraq and bin Leaden's al Qaeda network. ...... The experts said that
bin Laden only expressed solidarity with the Iraqi people and said
nothing to endorse President Saddam's leadership." After having
translated the Arabic text to the best of my ability, I am tending to
support the position of those experts cited by XINHUA in Peking.

In the meantime, AL-JAZEERA has published a press release in
English (12/02/03) that offers a short summary of the 16 minute
tape record. Their summary underlines the above said about any
other interpretation of the Arabic text. Next time, AL-JAZEERA
should better publish the complete transcript of the record in the
direct speech, so as to avoid any "suitable interpretation" of the
text. One additional page would do and could serve as a reliable
base even for those translators who don't have a long-standing
practice of the spoken word in different Arabic dialects. A com-
plete Arabic transcript and a comprehensive dictionary would
then be enough to receive a reliable translation, without running
the risk of being outwitted by any U.S. disinformation campaign.

– Wolfgang Wiesner, 15/02/2003 –

Al-Jazeera press release (12/02/03):

In this latest audio recording, Bin Laden delivered
a message to the people of Iraq encouraging them
to stand fast in the face of the expected American
military attack on their country. He pointed out that
there is no harm in the current situation in the inter-
est of Moslems coinciding with those of the social-
ists, while at the same time intimating that socialists
and socialist regimes, whether in Baghdad or Aden
are infidels. Bin Laden also stressed his view that
all those who collaborate with the Americans against
Iraq are breaking with Islam. He further pointed that
the United States of America, through its occupation
of Iraq, is endeavouring to realise the Zionist dream
of Greater Israel in the area.

28 November 2002 — Following Bin Laden's announcement on 13/11/2002 :
Devastating suicide bomb explosion at an Israeli-owned hotel in the Kenyan seaside resort of Mombasa, accompanied
by a double missile attack on an Israeli charter airliner taking off from the city’s airport. Both assaults were not wholly
unexpected. A month ago, Al-Qaeda said in one of its taped messages that it would go after Jewish targets worldwide.
Despite the claims of responsibility from a hitherto unknown Palestinian group, Al-Qaeda therefore remains the likely
perpetrator. [ARAB NEWS, 29 November 2002, and different western media]. – Up to now, there is no definite proof
of Al-Qaeda having staged those incidents that are reminding their US Embassy attacks in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

6 December 2002 — Israeli prime minister Sharon accuses Lebanon and the Palestinians for nourishing Al-Qaeda:
Both, Lebanese and Palestinian sources reject Sharon's accusation that their territories are offering an ideal environ-
ment for elements that compose Al-Qaeda. Rashid Abu Shabak, the commander of the Palestinian forces for security
and prevention, declares: Sharon is referring to the fact that some individuals, belonging to Al-Qaeda, are located in
that region. He is determined to seek a pretext for another incursion of Israeli troops. [ AL-JAZEERA, 06/12/2002 ]

Key information on Bin Laden's most recent background and the lack of U.S. intelligence to get him, has been
published by THE WASHINGTON TIMES (20/11/2002). Here are some excerpts from the full length article:

Conspiracy of silence ?

by Arnaud de Borchgrave

With fresh evidence that Osama bin Laden is still alive and kicking
and with his friends and protectors about to take over the provincial
governments of two of Pakistan's four provinces, as well as a share
in the new national coalition that will now run the country (under
the watchful eye of President Pervez Musharraf), a key question for
the U.S. intelligence community remains unanswered. Why has the CIA
ignored for 11 consecutive months the only anti-al Qaeda Pakistani
tribal leader who had tracked bin Laden's movements ever since his
escape from Tora Bora last Dec. 9?
Could it be that the intelligence community, already overburdened
by the requirements of the coming war on Iraq and the war on terror,
is not too interested in a "we've got Osama alive" melodrama that
might detract from the current "get Saddam" priority objective?
There is also the unspoken fear that a dead or captured bin Laden
would trigger hundreds of smaller terrorist incidents worldwide.

An old acquaintance of Oussama Bin Laden shows up again for joining the club of those willing to defeat
U.S. invasion: A message from Mullah Omar, former leader of the Taliban who governed Afghanistan in
the pre-Karzai era, recently appeared on the web. That website in Arabic has been discovered by a Thai
newspaper and cited, one day later, by the Chinese daily XING DAO [15/12/02]. The Chinese headline :
"Omar launches a statement, saying that he succeeded in escaping during the pursue and capture campaign."
In his statement, Omar condemns the U.S. attempt to launch a military aggression against Iraq. He equally
calls the numerous groups of Muslims to unite and start an offensive against the United States of America.

The underlined parts of the neighbouring Chinese text should represent Mullah Omar's own words.
Their translation is as follows: "The Americans and their faction have directed aggression against
our nation and our territory, yet without achieving their purpose. Not only crime, extermination and
losses did they bring to those small and weak nations who faced their hostility, but poverty as well.
Long enough they marched on the road of damnation, and very soon they will speak to themselves :
Let's hope we didn't commit all those crimes !"

AL-JAZEERA Online Polling

Date: 23-26/11/2002 Participants: 32.950

Do you consider those recent attacks that were aiming at
American citizens in some Arabic countries as being ....

the expression of axxxxxa realisation of Al-xxxxx[of other origin]
popular reaction ?xxxxxQaeda operations ?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



Date: 29/11-2/12/2002 Participants: 43.044

Do you appreciate that coup against Israeli interest outside of an occupied Palestine ?



ARAB NEWS, Riyadh (13/08/02):

Al-Qaeda suspects won’t be handed over
to the U.S.A., Saudi foreign minister said

Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal said yesterday
that Saudi Arabia would not hand over the 16 Al-Qaeda
suspects — extradited by Iran — to the United States
if Washington makes any official request. However, he
indicated there was possibility of exchanging investi-
gation results with US authorities.
Prince Saud announced that Teheran had detained and
later handed over to the Kingdom 16 Al-Qaeda fighters
who sought refuge in Iran after fleeing Afghanistan. He
told The Washington Post that a group of Saudi officials
had gone to Iran in May to question the Saudi nationals.

ARAB NEWS, Riyadh (22/08/02):

Saudis under U.S. pressure to increase
their efforts in the fighting of terrorism

"The relations are there. They have existed for 70 years,"
Prince Saud, the foreign minister, told The Associated
Press recently, and added that he saw nothing to indicate
a change.

But at the non-governmental level the new frostiness has
been evident in one incident after another: Rudy Giuliani,
as New York mayor, spurning a donation to the city from
Prince Alwaleed ibn Talal; relatives of Sept. 11 victims
suing Saudi officials, banks and charities, claiming they
helped finance Osama Bin Laden’s network and the terror
attacks; a US defense think-tank analyst suggests the United
States target Saudi oil fields and financial assets unless
the kingdom does more to fight terrorism.

Without offering any specifics, US officials say the Saudis
are giving exceptional help in law enforcement and intelli-
gence since September 11, and Defense Secretary Donald H.
Rumsfeld said this month he was happy with the relationship.

ARAB NEWS, Riyadh (26/08/02):

Oman confirms Al-Qaeda men’s arrest
but denies handing over to the U.S.A.

Oman confirmed yesterday that it had arrested members
of an Al-Qaeda cell but denied reports that it extradited
them to the United States. "No person has been handed
over to the U.S.," the official Oman News Agency said.
"That is one of the principles of the Sultanate." However
ONA did not deny that the authorities had uncovered and
smashed an Al-Qaeda cell, as Asharq Al-Awsat reported.
The newspaper quoted American security sources as saying
"they were transferred to the United States." The sources
praised the Omani authorities for breaking up what was
reportedly the first such cell discovered in the Gulf country.

ARAB NEWS, Riyadh (29/08/02):

Saudi Arabia helped stop huge funds
from reaching Al-Qaeda destination

Saudi Arabia has helped stop funds worth between $70
million and $90 million from reaching Al-Qaeda network
in the past few months, Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-
Faisal announced yesterday. Speaking to the BBC radio,
Prince Saud said he thought there was still a "very serious"
threat from Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden’s organization
blamed for the Sept. 11 attacks.

"We expect the worst and work for the worst and this is
why we are so active in the pursuit of everything that
allows us to find information, provide it to our friends
and allies and work together to dissipate any threat and
danger," he said. "Saudi Arabia has cooperated complete-
ly with the US and this stems not from the friendship be-
tween the two countries alone but because this terrorism
is as much targeting Saudi Arabia as it is targeting the
US," he added.

Dealing with Al-Qaeda in the Middle East
under the eyes of Uncle Sam's intelligence

a summary of articles published by the
Saudi daily ARAB NEWS in Riyadh

ARAB NEWS, Riyadh, on U.S. claims
that Iraqi president Saddam Hussein is
‘harboring Al-Qaeda men’ (22/08/02):

A number of senior Al-Qaeda figures have taken refuge
inside Iraq and are being sheltered by Saddam Hussein,
it was claimed yesterday.

The claim came as President George Bush met with
his senior military advisers in Texas and said that the
removal of the Iraqi president "is in the interests of
the world." Unnamed government officials said senior
figures of Osama Bin Laden’s organization had entered
the country following the US-led military operation in
in Afghanistan and that their presence had been detailed
in a series of intelligence reports. The officials said
while Iraq had long been highlighted as a refuge for
fleeing Al-Qaeda fighters, what had not previously
been known was their number and seniority. "There
are some names you’d recognize," one defense official
said, without revealing those names.
But there was also skepticism about the reports on
the presence of senior Al-Qaeda figures, first made
in the Washington Post, with some observers saying
it smacked too much of a deliberate leak. David Mack,
a vice president of the Washington-based Middle East
Institute think-tank, said: "The basic information is not
new. There has been attention paid to this area. I am a
little skeptical.....I spoke to some very knowledgeable
officials within the government and they said ‘yes’, the
people probably were Al-Qaeda, but doubted that they
were linked to Saddam."

USA TODAY (26/09/02):
Experts skeptical of reports on al-Qaeda-Baghdad link.
Different sources from within the U.S. government are
reported to doubt latest accusations of Saddam hosting
top Al-Qaeda members and providing them with bio-
logical and chemical weapons.

but Allah knows best
what they are hiding

Bin Laden's Task Force Tracked ?

on the web (10/09/02)

AL-JAZEERA TV, Qatar, transmitted videos showing the preparation
of September 11 incidents that changed the world. Even though it has
not been possible to identify their origin, Arabs are convinced of their
authenticity as to the confessions of terrorists included and their accu-
sations directed against the U.S. - Oussama Bin Laden doesn't shown
on those videos, but his voice can be heard. Fake or not, these docu-
ments obviously raise the spirits of many Muslims and are, therefore,
worth being considered, namely at a time when the Arabic world is at
crossroads and facing severe U.S. interference with their own interest.

[BLUEPRINT opinion]

Shortly after Al-JAZEERA transmitted an interview with Al-Qaeda member Ramsi Bin Ashihba (14/9/02),
he was reported to be captured following a shooting with Pakistani police in Karachi center. Unfortunately,
neither on the Al-Jazeera video nor on the video of his arrestation his face could be unmistakably identified.
Bin Ashihba has been related with the group of Muhammad Atta who belonged to the terrorists in charge of
last september 11 incidents. As he was dwelling in Germany, German authorities are now trying to get him
back for trial and for further inquiries, even though he was reported to being handed over to U.S. specialists.

German sources report on a Moroccan citizen, Abdelgahni Mzoudi,
(10/10/02) recently arrested by German authorities for having sup-
ported the terrorist cell of Mohammad Atta that staged the incidents
of 11 September 2001. Mzoudi knew all members of that group and
had undergone paramilitary training in Afghanistan like the others.

FINANCIAL TIMES Deutschland (22/10/02) and other sources:
The very first trial against presumed terrorists of the September 11
incidents has been opened in Hamburg, Germany, at the provincial
high court and court of appeal (Oberlandesgericht Hamburg). Fede-
ral prosecuting attorney Walter Hemberger brings charges against
the Moroccan citizen Mounir al-Motassadeq who is known for hav-
ing had contacts to all members of the
Al-Qaeda cell in Hamburg that staged
the September 11 incidents under the
command of Mohammad Atta. For
the defence counsel it seems to be an
established fact that al-Motassadeq
was nothing more but a "good friend" to
the members of that group who had not
been involved in any terroristic plannings
whatsoever. ........... 19/02/03 ...........
Four months later, al-Motassadeq has
been sentenced to 15 years, the highest
penalty possible. Though, his sentence is entirely based on circumstantial
evidence, – one witness not being able to make his statement as he is held
in U.S. custody – , that decision is widely accepted in the German public. ..............
Epilogue: After the annulment of Motassadeq`s sentence in 2004, essentially based
on faulty proceedings, Motassadeq has to wait for another trial that is not expected
to set him free. As "terrorism" has never been a subject of German law, German au-
thorities are now obliged to find other ways to handle cases like that of Motassadeq.
Final epilogue: Looking back at the Motassadeq affair from March 2006, the whole
story looks even more awkward: Motassadeq, guilty or not, has been set free at the
end of another trial.

ASHARQ AL-AWSAT, Riyadh (2/03/2003):
Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, who is suspected of having planned the September 11 incidents
on behalf of Bin Laden, has been arrested, the day before, in a group of three persons who
are equally charged for being members of Al-Qaeda. Muhammad was captured by Pakistani
security and CIA personnel near the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. Early reports, indicating
his handing over to the U.S. within 48 hours, are not confirmed. According to BBC London,
Muhammad will be jointly questioned by Pakistani and U.S. specialists. Pakistani authori-
ties say they have no plans to hand him over to the Americans and have suggested he might
be handed over to Kuwait, his country of origin. [BBC online, 3/03/2003]

SUNDAY TIMES, London (09/03/2003)

"Khalid reveiled that he had met Bin
Laden within the past two months."

Bin Laden and Al-Sawahiri Showing up
on the Second Anniversary of Devastation

  AL-JAZEERA (11/09/2003) headline:
  U.S. enquiries are dealing with the tape of 
  Ben Laden and the message of al-Sawahiri
  excerpts from the Arabic text:
  (There are) those who are also trying to 
  concentrate themselves on the precision in 
  sound registration as far as it concerns al-
  Sawahiri who has confirmed that " fighting 
  against the U.S. has not yet begun ".
  And the responsible one who insisted on 
  (us) to abstain from any questioning of 
  his identity said " the technical analysis 
  of, both, the video and sound tape is 
  intended to determine if it is really the 
  voice of al-Sawahiri speaking and if it is 
  possible to receive certain indications 
  or informations " reveiling his temporary 
  occupation (plannings).
  The tape, communicated to Al-Jazeera on 
  the eve of the second anniversary of the 
  September 11 attacks, has finished with 
  (such) predictions that have increased
  weight on the death of Ben Laden who (in- 
  stead) appears with voice and image after 
  a long absence and who returned to (his)
  unbroken activity of a Taliban in the 
  caverns of Afghanistan of the year 2001.
  Al-Sawahiri directed a message of help and 
  cooperation to the resistance (movement) in 
  Iraq. Addressing its fighting members in 
  Iraq, (he promised) to concentrate on (their 
  subject) and to dedicate (himself) to their
  support. " Allah being with you, the people 
  are in favour of you as they rely upon Allah. 
  And they will tear the Americans into pieces 
  like the lions do with their animals of prey. 
  ... Lets bury them on their Iraqi graveyard !"
xxhiker in the mountains

pictures from a video, published by Al-Jazeera,
that is possibly dating back to April / May 2003

xxherald of terrorism

AL-QUDS AL-ARABI, Palestinian daily (13-14/09/2003):
The actual Al-Qaeda differs from Al-Qaeda after the attacks of September.
Loosing its platform in Afghanistan it is undergoing substantial reconstruction.

Click here for a brandnew BLUEPRINT site on Resistance in "Postwar" Iraq.

AL-QUDS AL-ARABI, Palestine / London (13-14/9/2003): excerpts from an article on Al-Qaeda, published under the subtitle

Islamism under Martial Law

Set aside from repeated discussion on how the U.S. are dealing with AL-QAEDA on a military level, there still remains the impact of (the November 11) attacks on Arabs travelling to the west. Their impressions are far away from being received by objective studies as the majority of (Muslim) migrants feel themselves trapp- ed in a state of siege. As to the majority of Muslimic descendants in America, a concentration on daily life and an absorption in public work can be realised and that is proven by their preference for the "Guardian" as their favorite journal. That decision becomes transparent when any Muslim in an American commu- nity is saying to himself that those attacks did not push him out of society and out of social life. On the contrary, he shows a deep engagement in urban life. A certain Rahman(, seen as a typical example,) is cited with the following words: "The November 11 (attacks) have effected for the Muslims a concentration on their social life and a (special) consideration of all problems regarding life in the community, in schools and in hospitals as well. And that fact can be seen as a positive aspect of those attacks." Most Muslims supported the electoral campaign of (the actual U.S. president) Bush, but measures taken against them by the Federal Administration and the Department of Justice have caused a fresh impact on their way of thinking and finished in a new strategy. (translation of the Arabic text by Wolfgang Wiesner)

dedicated to the people of America:

we are blaming you
for having directed
yourself, despite all
those warnings, to
a thorny harvest of
what you have sown

by Aiman al-Sawahiri
in his letter to AL-JAZEERA
published on 19 December 2003

‫ﻭ ﻣﺎ ﺃﻫﻠﻜﻨﺎ ﻣﻦ ﻗﺮﻳﺔ ﺇﻻ ﻟﻬﺎ ﻣﻨﺬﺭﻭﻥ

And We did not destroy any town
but it had (its) warners.

The Holy Koran (The Poets 26.208)

xxxxxBLUEPRINT - own report by Wolfgang Wiesner (01/02/04):

xxxxIncredible: They seemingly didn't know about it !
xxxxIntelligence reports ignored up to the last minute.

In December 2003, a direct hint at possible terroristic
activity related with the beginning of the Muslim feast
of al-Adha which should start on February 2, was given
by a U.S. institute specialized in Middle Eastern studies.
Their publication was cited by the Chinese semiofficial
"People's Daily" in its Chinese online edition of Dec.
13. Though, read by millions of Chinese, even including
many bilingual expatriates, that information obviously
didn't reach western authorities. Such, a widespread
belief within Muslimic communities, "something great"
would happen on Eid al-Adha, has not been communi-
cated while Chinese citizens, expected to travel around
the world at those days, due to the Chinese New Year's
celebrations, had been sufficiently warned. How else
could the current situation be interpreted: Several days
only after a period of increased alert had been ended,
leaving a cheering President Bush proud of his nation's
glorious fight against internat. terrorism, CNN 31/01
suddenly came upon with another brandnew information,
reportedly derived from different western intelligence
sources and that seemed to make it indispensable to
hectically ground some international flights. ........ By
the way, who knows the plans of Allah and his means
of getting by ? His followers could be even more inno-
vative than blockheaded officials might ever imagine.

February 2:
Iraqi Islamists carry out heavy blow against Kurdish traitors

AL-JAZEERA on February 2: Twin Iraqi suicide attacks killed 56 immediately
and injured some 200 in the Kurdish capital of Arbil. Among those who died
are high-ranking members of the Kurdish provincial government, known to be
cooperating with U.S. occupation forces. The following day, BBC reported an
increased death toll of 101. On February 6, finally, AL-JAZEERA cited an
Islamic group of Ansar-al-Sunna as having claimed responsibility for the
devastating bombings.

AL-JAZEERA first report xxxxxxxxx AL-JAZEERA second report

February 6:
Muslimic activists stage enormous blast in Russian capital

At least 39 died in another blast that hit Moscow subway. Though not yet
proven, Caucasian Muslims are blamed for the biggest incident of its kind
that ever happened in Russia.

BBC reporting

The "mysterious" detonations of Madrid

AL-QUDS AL-ARABI (12/03/2004) the Palestinian daily published a letter
from the Brigades of Abi Hafez al-Misri who are claiming responsibility for
some devastating train bombings in Madrid that had taken place the day
before, killing about 200 persons and injuring another 1500:

Main headline: "Al-Qaeda preparing Trains of Death in Madrid"
‫ﺍﻟﻘﺎﻋﺪﺓ ﺗﺘﺒﻨﻰ - ﻗﻄﺎﺭﺍﺕ ﺍﻟﻤﻮﺕ - ﺑﻤﺪﺭﻳﺪ

The above mentioned letter was published under the following title:
The Brigades of Abi Hafez al-Misri state that these bombings are
"only part of a settlement of ancient scores with the Crusaders of
Spain who are now allied with America in their war against Islam".

As different circumstances indicate (material of detonators, choice of targets),
the Spanish separatist organization ETA cannot be blamed for those incidents
that are rather untypical for them. By the way, sentiments in the Islamic world
are not in favour of Spain since their Aznar government is unyieldingly insisting
on playing a role in the U.S. "fight against terrorism" in Iraq. As a member of the
Iraqi group Ansar al-Sunna put it: "We are feeling ourselves being more close to
Spain, but its your country that has betrayed us. Even though, we prefer the
heads of U.S. (soldiers), there might be Spanish (citizens) among the fallen in
a very near future."
[EL MUNDO, Madrid, 05/10/2003]

"Nos sentíamos muy cerca de España, pero su país nos ha traicionado;
aunque preferimos las cabezas estadounidenses,
en un futuro muy próximo habrá bajas españolas."

An Unexpected Resurrection

Bin Laden in his speech to the people of America on
the eve of the U.S. Presidential Elections in 2004 :

" .........., I tell you in truth, that your security is not
in the hands of Kerry, nor Bush, nor al-Qaida. No.
Your security is in your own hands. And every state
that doesn't play with our security has automatically
guaranteed its own security. "

And the Monkey Award of Terrorism goes to ...

Will Al-Qaeda decide to play the "political card"
more often in the future ?

PEOPLE`S DAILY, Beijing, after the propagation of
the above mentioned Bin Laden speech (02/11/2004)

And here is an external comment on Al-Qaeda .....

Latest News from the Underground

AL-JAZEERA 16/12/2004 broadcasting another message from Bin Laden :

Bin Laden calling for an offensive to be launched
against the U.S. in Iraq and all of the Gulf region

"In a letter [i.e. a tape record] especially directed to the Muslims in the
Saudi-Arabian kingdom, as well as to those in any other Islamic country,
the leader of Al-Qaeda is calling on his followers to concentrate their
assaults on enterprises of the oil industry in Iraq and the Gulf region in
order to prevent the U.S. from taking control of them. Hence, he is de-
manding the identification of appropriate targets in the whole region."

ARABIC OPINION referring to the above message from Bin Laden :

"The last tape record from Bin Laden is the most important among all of his tapes."
AL-JAZEERA`s headline 18/12/2004

"Al-Qaeda continues to play its role in the region and in political events.
It is them who are profiting most by the bloody adventures of Washington,
in a more direct way when it comes to Iraq or in a rather indirect way
when it comes to Palestine."
AL-QUDS AL-ARABI 18/12/2004

AL-JAZEERA`s headline on a third message received from Bin Laden (28/12/2004) :

Bin Laden praises Al-Zarqawi and accepts him
as the "Prince of Al-Qaeda" in Iraq

"... And in his tape record Bin Laden directed himself against the Iraqi elections
that should take place at the end of next month. And he called for a boycott. ... "

PEOPLE`S DAILY 28/12/2004, referring to the above mentioned third message :

From an exposure of Bin Laden`s complete tape record :
"Al-Qaeda" is spending 20.000 Euros in Iraq each week.

AL-JAZEERA 17/01/2005, referring to the activity of national Iraqi resistance :

Iraq is going to import about 600.000 tons of liquid combustible from Turkey to
overcome actual shortage. ................ As the Iraqi minister of the petrol industry
furiously declared last week, the production of crude oil from national resources,
which is now reaching about 2.4 million barrels daily, could be much more higher
if it were possible to stop all kinds of sabotage. ..... According to him, specialists
of his branch had to deal with more than 200 actions of destruction last year that
were intended to isolate the town of Baghdad from the rest of the country.

Al-Sawahiri on Palestine

June 2005 : While the general elections in Palestine are
still being prepared, Al-Sawahiri gives his comment on
the position of militant Hamas activists who are now
ready to become serious members of parliament.

January 2006 : Now that Hamas has won the elections,
it makes sense to remember Al-Sawahiri from the Arabic
text of his original speech as cited by Al-Jazeera :
" Sawahiri shows his dislike of the Palestinian "Mujahedins "
and accuses them of letting themselves being dragged to
become the puppets of an election, a behaviour that could
only result in severe damage to the Palestinian authorities'
legitimacy. "

March 2006 : Showing up once again within a few weeks
only, Al-Sawahiri attacks Hamas for retiring from its task
of resistance and for following a route of particularism that
requires political arrangements. (Al-Jazeera 05/03/2006)

Al-Sawahiri and the West

February 2005 : In another video, released by Al-
Jazeera on February 20, Sawahiri complained about
the fact that there was no naming the benefits that had
been luring Washington into the region. He particularly
pointed at the benefits of Guantanamo concentration
camp, the real nature of which Al-Sawahiri was willing
to reveal.

March 2006 : In the above cited message, spread
by Al-Jazeera on March 5 2006, Al-Qaeda's No. 2
rises up against Western governments. Arabic text :
"There should be a loyal attitude of the community
when it comes to attack the crusaders by hand and
tongue, by word and iron."
To serve that purpose
"Al-Sawahiri encourages the launching of a multitude
of attacks against the West, while taking the incidents
of New York and London as a model, and he urges
an unspecified stop of all operations that are leading
to a theft of crude oil from the Muslims."

Still Alive and Kicking

January 2006 : Bin Laden and Al-Sawahiri are still alive and puzzling western
security agencies. Shortly following the emergence of further tapes from both
of them, some unidentified force hit a remote village in northern Pakistan, killing
women and children and leaving much U.S. war scrap behind, such that the
Pakistani government felt obliged to summon the U.S. ambassador. Only some
days later, Sawahiri showed up again, confirming that he was not among the
victims which had been previously suspected by official sources.

Al-Sawahiri in March 2006

وقفة صادقة من الأمة للتصدي للحملة الصليبية
باليد و اللسان و البيان و السنان

الظواهري يشجع على توجيه مزيد من الضربات للغرب على غرار هجمات
نيويورك و لندن
, و يطالب بوقف ما أسمها عمليات سرقة نفط المسلمين

For whom it concerns:
Arabic text on this website is intended as a citation of remarkable statements
or as a summary of single facts and description of developments. It is by no
means intended as a "call for action". So relax and mind your own business !
Wolfgang Wiesner, editor of BLUEPRINT magazine

Bin Laden Once Again

In what seems to be a programmatic speech, broadcast by Al-Jazeera on April 23 2006, Bin Laden is covering many subjects important to the community of Muslims: The case of a Hamas government in Palestine, the state of Sudan and Iraq, theses for the world of Islam, the failure of politics, and the friction between cultures. Some days earlier, on April 12, Al-Jazeera published a statement made by the Islamic Army in Iraq and con- firming its splitting from Al-Qaeda after its members were threatened. According to spokesman Al-Shammari Al-Qaeda has "a different agenda from that of the Islamic Army in Iraq." ..... "They killed about 30 of our people, and we definitely don't recognise their establishment of an Islamic state - we consider it invalid." On November 9, 2007, a brand-new video shows Bin Laden driving what seems to be a piece of building machinery. According to Al-Jazeera, this is the first video release by Al-Qaeda after three years, obviously intended to prove Bin Laden being alive, his message being directed at the U.S. public.

Short notes on latest Al-Qaeda proceedings,
based on confirmed or unconfirmed messages 
and launched by notorious Islamic sites:

Please consider:
The editor of BLUEPRINT magazine is 
not responsible for the quality of 
such messages. All sources cited have
been chosen for their semi-official
character and the credibility they
actually received within the Muslim 
world. Nonetheless, deception cannot 
be completely excluded. W.W. 

date: November 19, 2007

Integration of the "Islamic Fighters´ Group of Lybia"
into Al-Qaeda organization, as proclaimed by Sheikh 
Ayman Az-Zawahiri on behalf of Al-Qaeda and Sheikh 
Abu Leith al-Libi on behalf of the Islamic fighters.

source: An Islamic media center 


date: November 29 - December 2, 2007

In a sound record, Oussama Bin Laden addresses 
the peoples of Europe. (complete English text !)

source: An Islamic media center (for Arabic sound 
track and English subtitles), Al-Jazeera (shortcut) 


date: December 11, 2007

Two blasts have been staged in the capital of Algeria,
directed at the United Nations local headquarters and
the Supreme Court, using 800 kg of explosives for each
detonation. The United Nations have been targeted as 
a "nest of the global infidels". The overall rate of 
deaths is 60. (تنظيم القاعدة ببلاد المغرب الإسلامي)

source: Website of Al-Qaeda, North-African branch

remark: As 800 kg of explosives are a huge amount,
necessarily to be carried by a truck, it could be 
imagined that an "explosive of a blasting capacity 
of 800 kg of TNT" has been used in both incidents.

AL-JAZEERA TV on July 23, 2008

"An alleged member of Osama Bin Laden's inner 
circle stands trial in Guantánamo. Salim Ahmed 
Hamdan is alleged to have conspired with Osama 
Bin Laden. Prosecutors allege he had two surface
-to-air missiles in his car. Hamdan was captured 
in November 2001 in Afghanistan just after the 
U.S. invasion. Now, he is accused of conspirancy, 
helping Bin Laden escape and providing material 
support for terrorism. Hamdan's lawyers say his 
only connection with Al-Qaeda was as a driver 
and mechanic."


Is that all ??

After almost seven years of "custody" in Guantánamo, the accusation is "conspirancy" and "soldier carried two missiles with him". By the way, I still remember an old headline saying: "Bin Laden's driver caught". No wonder he joint the conspirancy of helping Bin Laden escape and delivered some basic commodities ! W.W.

3. Useful Links about Al-Qaeda

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wanted to know, yet never dared to ask.

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from one of those U.S. universities.

Cartoons and other jokes on Bin Laden

Lets keep some humour in difficult times !

Tell the hypocrites that severe
punishment is intended to them.

( Sura 4 / 138 from the Holy Koran )

Fighting his "Holy War"
against the "Axis of Evil"

Portrait of Osama Bin Bush
as found on a Polish website

        A Summary of News on Central Asia that led to the actual situation 
        can be obtained from another website, compiled by Wolfgang Wiesner 
        on the basis of Arabic publications (AL-JAZEERA, AL-HYAT,..).

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