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BABIL ONLINE, Iraq (04/01/03), citing U.S. president George Walker Bush:
"Bush declares: There were even more villains in Europe in the year 2002.
The leader of Al-Qaeda organisation, Oussama Ben Laden, already appears
in the European mass medias as the man of the year 2001."

xxxsome saw his grin - some saw his smile

Some saw the ruins of a palace, and some saw the starving people.
And some believe in anything while others don't believe at all.
Some inaudible words, to be imagined in a rarely spoken language
and murmured into a shadowy beard, don't have the slightest value
before a Western court, and only fools would take it as a proof.
And after all, nobody can deny the fact that terrorism and poverty
are closely related. That simply is what we should hold in mind.
It leads us to a deeper understanding of what is happening in such
countries like Afghanistan and Palestine and what might happen to
us. As to the "inofficial opinion" in the Arabic world and elsewhere
in the Eastern hemisphere, I would like to cite an Arabic paper
dealing with the manhunt for Oussama Ben Laden. After the U.S.
release of a questionable "telltale video" they put it that way:
"Even if their story was true, they are liars anyway!" (27/12/2001)

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xxxxxxleader Oussama Bin Laden :

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