The Axis of Evil – in the Year of the Goat 2003

.... the Word, piousness, worship, religion, wonder and sign are the mightiest weapons of the Evil One. According to the Revelations of Johannis, it is the human agent of Satan's rule, the mightiest representative of Anti- christ on earth, who is not at all an enemy of religion but pervaded by the fragrance of incense that belongs to his cult and sur- rounded by the rules of his new religion that are penetrating life in its entirety. Such, nobody can buy and sell without show- ing the sign of that master. (Rev.13,11-17)
Citation from Helmut Thielicke (1908-1986), famous German theologian and rector of the University of Tübingen. During World War II he was punished for having opposed Nazi rule.
This page contains a rich choice of quotations, commentaries and authentic information, collected from independent and official sources from all over the world and dealing with global U.S. activity and the so-called Axis of Evil. All translations have been provided by Wolfgang Wiesner.
The following article has been published by Ignacio Ramonet on the title page of LE MONDE diplomatique, Paris (March 2002). Together with other critical articles on what they call "the lie of a clean war", a serious paper is taking sides in the global development that might lead to a human catastrophe. l'article original "Le Fantôme" by ERRÖ: courtesy LE MONDE "Evocation of 1984" by Wolfgang Wiesner

The Axis of Evil

On three fronts. All citizens should know that a liberal globalization will nevertheless attack human societies on three fronts. Of a central importance, as concerning the entire humanity, is the economic front. It is subject of control by what should really be called the "axis of evil", comprising the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Worldbank, and the World Trade Organization (WTO). That evil axis continues to impose on the world the dictatorship of the market, the preponderance of the private sector, and the cult of profit, while provoking on the whole planet such terrifying results like the fraudulous bancruptcy of ENRON, the monetary crisis of Turkey, a disastrous crumbling of Argentine, ecological disasters everywhere ..... ..... The second front, on the sly, invisible and without any noise, is the front of ideology. With an active collaboration of universities, research institutes of repute (Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Cato Institute), great publishers (CNN, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, - in France and elsewhere imitated by a bunch of devoted journalists), a real industry of persuasion has been installed, in order to convince the planet that a liberal globalization will finally lead to global prosperity. Based on the power of information, the ideologists such created, yet with the passive complicity of their subjects, what could be called a "delicious despotism". That manipulation had been relaunched after September 11 by means Something has changed, - of a Bureau of Strategic Influence (BSI), created by the Pentagon and you better don't ask ! and modelled on Orwell's example. It had been charged with the diffusion of fake information, in order to "influence public opinion and leading politicians of friendly nations and enemy states". ..... The trick was too obvious, such that the Bureau in question had to be closed on official order, at the end of February. The third front which did not exist up to now, is the military front. It has been opened in the aftermath of the September 11 traumatism in 2001, and its goal is to provide liberal globalization with a veritable instrument of security. For one short moment tending to entrust the North Atlantic Pact (NATO) with that mission, the United States finally decided to take over alone and to provide themselves with considerable means to perform that mission with the most impressive efficiency. ..... "The United States are in a certain sense the first proto-global state," says William Pfaff [in International Herald Tribune, January 7, 2002]. "They possess the capacity of taking over the role of a modern style Universal Empire, a natural empire whose members voluntarily submit to its authority." That empire, indeed, intends to realize a liberal globalization. All opposers, all dissidents and resistants should know by now that they will be beaten on these three fronts: economy, ideology and military. And that the time of respect for human rights seems to have changed, as is proven by such scandalous "bagne tropical", established in Guan- tanamo where some Europeans are locked in cages .... The Axis of Evil (IMF, Worldbank, WTO) has hidden its true face. Now we know it. ON NEWSPEAK (G. Orwell: 1984) We're getting the language into its final shape -- the shape it's going to have when nobody speaks anything else. When we've finished with it, people like you will have to learn it all over again. You think, I dare say, that our chief job is inventing new words. But not a bit of it! We're destroying words -- scores of them, hundreds of them, every day. We're cutting the language down to the bone. [specialist Syme] Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows. [rebel Winston Smith]
Cartoon found in the Arabic daily AL-ARAB (London edition, 15/2/02). Title: An Islamic world and the Taliban prisoners, held back on Guantanamo base ..... what will happen ? The reader of a newspaper dealing with that subject [who is bearing a strong resemblance with the Egyptien president Mubarak] is ask- ing Uncle Sam [wearing a devilish goatee]: "Only to think of that group in Guantanamo. How will things develop ?" Uncle Sam: "Nothing will change. There is no cloud in sight under a blue sky."
There is a similar article, published by the reputed Spanish journal CAMBIO 16 on 25 February 2002, dealing with the aspect of an U.S. preponderance in the world (English version by Wolfgang Wiesner):


by Ramón Vilaró

... George W. Bush and his crew are looking for a future global control of their interests. ... el texto original se encuentra aqui The figures [of military expenses], now being reveiled, seem somewhat frightening. Simply multiplicating by ten the expenses, provided by both powers, Russia and China together. In Washington they are directing themselves to the street, following the path of preponderance, while seemingly forgetting that those "missiles", launched by terrorists against the Twin Towers, were U.S. planes and U.S. citizens. Forgetting or casting aside the search for the origin of a radical antiamericanism, yet avoiding to declare themselves in such incorporated conflicts like that between Palestine and Israel. Or declaring openly to be worth being ruined such inopportune regimes like that of Sadam Hussein's Irak, who once had been an ally against Iran, now on a reforming path under Jatami. Or forgetting that with the Corean war there will be no solution to the division of that peninsula. The power and the threat of war is, in the view of Bush and his crew, the only message in such world where only power is counting. On 29 April 2002, CAMBIO 16 returned to the subject when it dealt with political and economic relations between Northamerica and Latinamerica : The tentacles of the United States are embracing more and more countries and are penetrating their sociopo- litical and economic structures. .................... "El amigo del Norte" The U.S. will never allow anybody to put them into his shadow as far as it concerns their "American" territory. And the end will be close to an adage formulated during Bush's electoral campaign : "America to the Americans ..................... and perhaps a little bit Spanish".
In the aftermath of the so-called "pretzel affair", showing U.S. president Bush in a weak moment, the Palestinian daily Al-QUDS Al-ARABI wrote on its title page (15/01/2002): First headline: Predicted development leading to a dishonourable discharge. Second Headline: The "Lapsus of Bush" and his immediately following knock-out - after disturbing news about the "Curse of Bin Laden". ...After having burnt America's sources with such an intensity, Bush's momentary weekness [also: syncope] can be interpreted as one of the lighter consequences of a scandal. The crumbling of ENRON seems like a window, offering a view on how he financed his electoral campaign, which has been, in many ways, linked with the beginning of a chase for the phenomenon we call the "Curse of Osama Bin Laden". - The U.S. president who, for a long time, accused the disputed Saudi of being a "Devil Man". ... ON DOUBLETHINK (G. Orwell: 1984) To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies -- all this is indispensably necessary. In our society, those who have the best knowledge of what is happening are also those who are furthest from seeing the world as it is. In general, the greater the understanding, the greater the delusion; the more intelligent, the less sane. One clear illustration of this is the fact that war hysteria increases in intensity as one rises in the social scale. Those whose attitude towards the war is most nearly rational are the subject peoples of the disputed territories. To these people the war is simply a continuous calamity which sweeps to and fro over their bodies like a tidal wave. The basic techniques of "Newspeak" and "Doublethink" can be found as an essential part of each state philosophy that tries to dominate and eradicate any other school of thought or any individual opinion, yet veiling some fundamental goals that may never be openly discussed.
The German paper DIE ZEIT (No. 17, 18/04/02) recently discussed changes that can be observed in U.S. foreign policy under the Bush administration. A kind of "Neoconservatism" has been identified as the ideological basis of America's new "Generous Hegemony". A tight grip on the world and its economic resources, based on military supremacy and sophisticated means of persuasion, is increasingly annoying America's allies in Europe. Development of U.S. neoconser- vatism and the language that hides its basic aims have been openly discussed by a weekly paper of repute that counts among the most influential publications in Germany.
Last but not least, a semiofficial source from People's China needs to be cited. RENMIN RIBAO / PEOPLE'S DAILY (13/05/2002) discussing the U.S. war against terrorism: Oil and Gas - The true objective of an U.S. war against terrorism The English version, provided by Wolfgang Wiesner, contains a link to the Chinese text. Article not included in the English online edition of PEOPLE'S DAILY.

National Defense Budgets in 2001

United States of America __________________________ 310.5 .................... Great Britain 32.5
Russia 44.0 France 31.9
Japan 40.4 Germany 25.4
China 17.0 Italy 19.9
India 15.6 Spain 6.9
South Corea 11.8 Netherlands 5.5
Iran ___________________________________________ 9.1 Greece 5.6
Israel 9.0 Sweden 4.9
Taiwan 8.2 Belgium 3.1
Singapur 4.3 Danmark 2.3
Pakistan 2.6 Portugal 2.2
North Corea ____________________________________ 1.3 Austria 1.5

News from AL-JAZEERA, Qatar (27/05/2002):

The Iranian president Jatami declares his will
to solve bilateral problems with [long-standing
enemy] Iraq. Subjects and questions of common
interest should be treated at a moment of violent
interference of foreign powers, namely the U.S.,
with their internal affairs.
RADIO TEHERAN (Engl., 9.610 kHz, 13/06/02):
U.S. State Department talking with diverging Iraqi
opposition groups, such preparing a situation that
is reminding us of Afghanistan.

ARAB NEWS, Riyadh (10/07/2002):

First Saudi business delegation is expected to visit
Baghdad soon to discuss prospects of strengthening
commercial and industrial cooperation between the
two countries. .....
Baghdad is to host a Saudi trade fair in September
2002 for the first time since diplomatic relations
between the two countries were broken in 1991,
the Iraqi trade ministry said in remarks that were
published the day before.

Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Teheran
(French service, 11.970 kHz, 06/06/2002):

As a reaction on further accusations by White
House spokesman Butcher, the Iranian President
Jatami refuses to enter into talks with the U.S.A.,
convinced that such talks wouldn't lead anywhere.

On a conference in Baku, the Iranian delegation
has demonstrated its interest in Caspian oil and
natural gas. A pipeline from Azerbaidzhan to the
Persian Gulf could transport these products more
economically and more safely than any actual U.S.
project, based on their guideline of politics. Even
specialists from ELF AQUITAINE are cited to
consider Iranian plans more easily to be realized.
After all, the transport of energy between Muslimic
neighbours should be advantageous for both sides.

In St. Petersburg, Iranian and Russian officials are
discussing questions in the frame of an Iranian inter-
est in Caspian oil and natural gas from Central Asia.
The long-standing relations between both countries
are referred to by Radio Teheran.

German sources reporting in June 2002:

U.S. company is "taking over" essential parts
of German weaponry industry. Howaldtswerke
Deutsche Werft AG Kiel, a company belonging
to the German HDW group and reputed for its
innovative fuel cell technology in submarine
manufacturing, is now expected to accept an
order from Taiwan for high tech submarines
that cannot be detected. People's China and
their strategy will then be effected.
Another German company involved in that
deal is Krauss-Maffei in Munich, known for
its armoured vehicles and tanks.
[Bayerischer Rundfunk, Manager Magazin,
Linx - Sozialistische Zeitung für Kiel and
BLUEPRINT feature: China's nuclear forces].

King Abdallah II of Jordan in his
interview conducted by the French
magazine L'EXPRESS (20/06/02)
on the possibility of an U.S. attack
on Saddam Hussein's Iraq :

"I made it clear to the U.S. what I think of
such a possibility, and I think of [France,
Germany, Britain, Russia, Egypt] being on
the same wavelength." .............................

"Everybody is realizing that an attack of
Iraq, namely in the present state of crisis
between Israel and Palestine, would have
a devastating influence on the the Middle
East." ......................................................

And they made plots,
and Allah made plots.
And Allah is better at making plots.

[Sura 3 / 54 from the Holy Koran]

Submarine of PR China's
People's Liberation Navy,
able to launch nuclear missiles.

Israel has got an opportunity to take part
in a submarine deal that is in the works
between Taiwan and the U.S.A. Israeli
participation in the deal would double
their submarine fleet. Should this deal
materialize, it would mean that a new
generation of Dolphin submarines - so
far assembled in Germany - might now
be built in the U.S.A. and funded out of
American security assistance to Israel.
By HA'ARETZ, Israel (29/07/2002)

Finally, President Bush's European allies woke up. A summary of the actual situation by Patrick
E. Tyler from the New York Times, published in the INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE
, gives the essential facts:
Official voices from France, Germany and even from Britain are recently expressing their sorrows
regarding U.S. plans to attack Iraq. "There is agreement in European capitals that Saddam's govern-
ment is dangerous and may need to be confronted one day. But any agreement breaks down over
strategic priorities in the Middle East, which Europeans consider neighboring territory for trade
and security." A French official put it that way: "The important thing is to build a coalition for peace
in the Middle East, not to build a coalition for war in Iraq." The German foreign minister Joschka
Fisher even "expressed doubt that Saddam represented a strategic threat to Western security." Such,
the British prime minister Tony Blair remains the only European in favor of a U.S. attack on Iraq,
even though "it may not be possible" to build support for action in Iraq until there is no peace agree-
ment between Israel and the Palestinians, as a senior British official had to admit. A famous saying
of Winston Churchill is cited: "You can always rely on America to do the right thing, once it has
exhausted the alternatives."

At a time when U.S. preparations for another war on Iraq seem to be finished,
while a joint European position towards war is depending on whether a United
Nations' resolution can be achieved or not, the Saudi paper ARAB NEWS is
talking about neo-conservatism as the driving force of U.S. politics (14/09/02)

Neo-conservatives and pro-Israel lobby
working to destabilize the Middle East

Many in Washington have noted the emerging strong-arm tactics of the
neo-conservative Christian coalition in the Bush administration working
with pro-Israeli lobbies.

Now, Dr. Clifford Kiracofe, a professor at Virginia Military Institute
says he knows what’s going on: This neo-conservative network is work-
ing to destabilize the Middle East, which they believe will benefit Israel.

"The neo-conservative policy network advocates a destabilization,
a Balkanization of the Middle East. Out of the chaos, they say, will
come a new order through ‘regime change,’ the redrawing of borders,
and the reallocation of the control of hydrocarbon resources in the
region," Kiracofe said during an address to the National Council on
US-Arab Relations earlier this week.

These neo-conservatives, Kiracofe says, "under the protection of
‘pro-Israel’ George Schultz, were able to form the so-called ‘Vulcan
Group’ of policy experts - led by (Deputy Secretary of Defense) Paul
Wolfowitz and Richard Perle (chairman of the Defense Policy Board,
an advisory panel to the Pentagon), and coordinated by Condoleezza
Rice (assistant to the president for National Security Affairs) - that
advised presidential candidate George W. Bush." Kiracofe says their
advice to Bush was to "put Iraq on the front burner, and to put the
Palestine question on the back burner, if not in the freezer."

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U.S. Target: Saudi Arabia

Even Saudi Arabia, up to now considered as the most reliable partner of the U.S. in the Middle East,
is feeling insulted by the way the Bush administration is treating Saudi visitors. After having decided
to put the blame for fueling worldwide terrorism on the rich Muslimic communities of Saudi Arabia,
American immigration is now taking fingerprints from every Saudi visitor. Meanwhile, the Saudis are
paying back as the following report by ARAB NEWS is demonstrating:

RIYADH, 14 October — Interior Minister Prince Naif yesterday confirmed that the government
plans to start fingerprinting Americans entering the Kingdom in a reciprocal measure.

“Our dealings (with other countries) will be reciprocal. We’ll deal with every country in the same
way as they deal with us,” the prince told reporters who asked him about the measures taken in re-
sponse to US travel restrictions on Saudis.

Meanwhile, fingerprinting of Americans has actually been started [AL-JAZEERA, Qatar, 19/10/02].
The new Saudi treatment of U.S. citizens is connected with a recent withdrawal of Saudi funds from
U.S. accounts for fear of that money being frozen. ARAB NEWS reported:

RIYADH, 22 August — The US dollar yesterday fell from recent highs against the euro and yen
following a report that Saudi investors were pulling billions of dollars out of the United States.
London’s Financial Times earlier said Saudi investors have withdrawn the funds from the United
States because of concerns their assets might be frozen. The paper quoted Youssef Ibrahim, a senior
fellow at the US-based Council on Foreign Relations, as saying Saudis have pulled out at least $200
billion from the United States in recent months.

In response to reports that parts of the U.S. Congress have called for a halt to U.S. arms sales to the
kingdom, Prince Sultan, the Saudi minister of defense and aviation, stated that the kingdom will now
look for weapons in other markets including Europe [ARAB NEWS, Riyadh, 28/10/02]. After having
received its AWACS planes back from the United States where they had undergone modernisation
[AL-JAZEERA, Qatar, 03/11/02], Saudi Arabia is now free again from any actual pressure to find
new sources of supply for weaponry.

Nevertheless, Saudi policy is still denying differences with their U.S. allies. Instead, Saudi officials
are wrapping their displeasure at the Bush administration in cryptic sentences (ARAB NEWS):

RIYADH, 3 November - Crown Prince Abdullah, deputy premier and commander of the
National Guard, yesterday called upon Arabs and Muslims to keep away from provocative
actions. “We should control our tongues and should not cause provocation,” he added.

He said Islam was the main target of an ongoing smear campaign launched by a section
of the Western media. “You know that we are all targeted ... not only Saudi Arabia, Iraq,
Sudan and others ... but the main target is Islam,” the crown prince said.
Prince Abdullah blamed hidden forces for the disarray in Muslim ranks and urged Muslim
countries to stand united in the face of growing challenges.

“Although there are no wars or enmity between Muslim countries which follow the same
faith, they remain disunited as a result of the work of hidden hands,” he said.

Such development should be seen in the frame of a growing anti-Americanism in Saudi Arabia, that
has even effected Mac Donalds fast-food restaurants who are now selling Iranian Zam Zam Cola and
Arafat potato chips in order to survive.

[Unity = 1 milliard U.S. $] - LE MONDE Dossiers & Documents, Paris, No. 309 / May 2002 -

BBC NEWS, London (08/12/02):
Headline: "Anti-U.S. protests grow in Seoul"
Hundreds of South Koreans gathered in the capital,
Seoul, to protest against the presence of American
troops in the country. They also called for changes
to an accord giving extra-territorial legal status to
37,000 U.S. troops.
Anti-U.S. protests had been triggered by the deaths
of two South Korean girls last June who died in an
accident involving a tank driven by American sol-
diers. A U.S. court martial lately acquitted the two
U.S. servicemen in the tank of negligent homicide.

Amid rising anti-American sentiment, several pubs and
restaurants in Seoul are now barring U.S. servicemen.

The Korean Problem

BBC NEWS, London (31/12/02):
Headline: "North Korea threatens to ditch treaty"
A senior North Korean envoy has said his country
is unable to meet its obligations under the nuclear
non-proliferation pact because of threats from the
United States. This article refers to the recent re-
activation of the North Korean nuclear programme
that has caused U.S. protest.

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